Classified Documents Stolen From Israel Police Cybersecurity Expert

A file folder containing classified documents was stolen on Thursday from the central-Israel home of a police expert in computer security.

The Walla Hebrew-language news site reported that the deputy head of the cyber security division of the Israel Police left the folder on a table after returning home.

The assumption is that the unknown thief used a long-handled rake or other instrument to grab the folder, as well as the officer’s key ring, through a window.

The thief then apparently entered the house using the keys and stole a wallet before fleeing.

The police are investigating and have notified security agencies that could potentially be affected by the theft of critical information.

The fact that neither valuables nor the officer’s unmarked car were stolen suggest that the motive may have gone behind simple financial gain.

The official was not identified the Israel Police said this was in order to protect the official’s privacy, but it is known that he was recruited into the police from the army’s signal intelligence unit 8200.

All possible motives for the theft are being explored, however, including simple theft.

Haaretz recently reported on the disappearance of 27 filed from the police station in the Tel Aviv suburb of Givatayim under unclear circumstances.

About a month ago, police officers from the station went on vacation to Eilat.

On their return, one investigator noted the disappearance of the files, which had been either awaiting investigation or were to be transferred to other offices.

This case too involved sensitive files that appeared to be left unprotected.

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