Colombian Gang Leader Suspected of Murdering 117 People

A CRIME boss suspected of murdering 117 people has been arrested after a year-long investigation.

John Alexander Calderon Vidal, alias Largo (Large), was arrested in the city of Cali.

He was the leader of a criminal gang and has been charged with 117 homicides committed in the city of Cali and on Colombia’s Atlantic coast.

Among his victims is thought to be Army Officer Nicolas Alberto Brito, who disappeared and was found dismembered and buried in 2011.

Largo is also suspected of the murder of Gaby Daza, the head of a gang called La 40 in the city of Barranquilla.

According to official sources, Largo was also a member of a gang called Los Rastrojos, which was under the control of drug lord Wilber Varela, alias Jabon.

After that gang was disbanded, Largo joined another gang led by a man nicknamed Seco.

He then decided to leave the gang following a power struggle with the leader and set up his own outfit, which was involved in drug trafficking and homicide, according to reports.

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