Court Refuses To Let “Genius” Banker Keep Most of $225M Fortune In Divorce

A former Lone Star Funds banker who told a judge that he’s a financial “genius” in a bid to win his divorce battle has been ordered to pay his ex-wife a share of his multimillion dollar fortune.

A British court in 2015 rejected Randy Work’s claim that he made an “exceptional contribution” to his marriage and that he should receive more than the 50-50 split of assets.

Work and his wife, Mandy Gray, have assets that include properties in London and Colorado, the Guardian reported.

The American banker, 49, previously accused his wife of 20 years of having an affair with their psychotherapist and she should only receive $5 million because she had apparently violated the couple’s prenuptial agreement, the newspaper reported.

The 2015 divorce ruling also dismissed Work’s claim that he’s a financial “genius.”

“The word ‘genius’ tends to be over-used and is properly reserved for Leonardo Da Vinci, Mozart, Einstein, and others like them,” Justice Edward Holman said at the time.

Bloomberg reported that Work’s divorce battle was worth $225 million.

Work took his divorce case before a three-judge panel, which rejected his appeal against Holman’s ruling, on Tuesday.

“In our view, the husband has failed to demonstrate that Holman J’s decision was wrong,” the appeal judges said, according to the Guardian.

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