Daily Beast Anti-Semitic Image Shocker

The Daily Beast has published an exclusive expose on a drugs rehabilitation clinic that happens to be located in Israel.

The story itself is not our concern as it involves a private clinic. What is our concern is the accompanying image.

The use in the image of a traditional Jewish skullcap complete with a Star of David makes a wholly false linkage between a private Israeli clinic and the Jewish people as a whole.

The implication is that any wrongdoing by this clinic is linked to Judaism as well as Israel.

While the clinic’s director happens to be a rabbi, is the Daily Beast implying that Jewish / Israeli ownership of this clinic is somehow an indication of inherent wrongdoing?

There’s a word for this: Anti-Semitism.

HonestReporting has contacted the Daily Beast to request that the image is removed. We’ve also tweeted the journalists behind the article:

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