Defense Minister: Iran Deal ‘A Historic Mistake’

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said Sunday that the framework agreement between Iran and world powers is a huge achievement for Iran and a historic mistake for the West.

“Iran is a terrorist monster that funds and trains five organizations and entities to wreak havoc among pro-Western regimes in the Middle East and around the world, and has no intention of stopping,” he noted. “On the contrary.”

“Iran’s appetite to continue to spread the revolution, through its arms of unrestrained terror, will only increase now,” the minister estimated. “This framework agreement will help it thus: it will rebuild its economy, with the removal of sanctions, and it will allow it to join the family of nations through the front door.”

The defense minister stressed that Iran’s “campaign of lies and deceit” achieved great success last week.

“If the Western world does not come to its senses it will get an Iran that is stronger, more uninhibited, continues to spread terror and undermine stability in the Middle East and around the world, and this time – it will be a nuclear threshold state with production and development capacities, which in fact, have not been hit [by the deal], an inventory of missiles that covers the entire Middle East and most of Europe’s territory, and the project for development of intercontinental ballistic missiles, which are not included in the agreement.

“This is a nightmare not only for moderate regimes in the Middle East and for the State of Israel, but also for the free world,” said Yaalon. “The regime in Tehran is more dangerous now, with international legitimacy to continue on its rogue path, and an Arab world that prefers to close its eyes against the greatest threat to its security.”

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