Des Moines, Iowa – Suspect In Fatal Ambush Of Two Iowa Police Officers Captured

The suspect in the deadly ambush shootings of two Iowa police officers appears to have argued with local cops in a recent video after he brought a Confederate flag to a high school sports game.

Des Moines Police named Scott Michael Greene as the lone suspect for the Wednesday morning massacre. He is on the loose and considered armed and dangerous.

Authorities did not immediately release any information about Greene, 46.

But there is a YouTube page in his name, with videos apparently filmed in Iowa and featuring a man who resembles Greene.

One video, posted Oct. 16, shows a man arguing with Urbandale police officers for 10 minutes outside of an athletic event at the city’s high school. It is titled “Police Abuse, Civil Rights Violation at Urbandale High School 10/14/16.”

The man filming the video, who is never seen on camera, accuses the officers of grabbing and shoving him as they order him off the property for creating a disturbance.

The man says “African-American people” in the stadium stands assaulted him and stole a flag from him.

An officer says it was a Confederate flag, and that the man flew it “standing in front of several African-American people.”

An officer asks the man if he knows a student in the game, or just came to wave the flag.

“Well, I was using my constitutional rights,” the man replies.

“I was peacefully protesting.”

The man sent this video the local news station WHO-TV, an editor there said.

“He said, ‘I have a story about someone’s civil liberties being violated and I have this video,” assignment editor Amanda Vizcarra told the TOT News.

She said he sent the clip during the station’s overnight shift, and no one there gave it serious consideration.

“It’s just him recording two officers at a football game,” Vizcarra said.

“We didn’t do anything with it.”

She said she was not aware of the man previously contacting the station.

The user posted another video, called “Civil Rights Violation at Urbandale High School 10/14/16,” which shows a man resembling Greene apparently holding a Confederate Flag at a sports game.

The YouTube account also features a video posted just two days ago, showing high school cheerleaders dancing at a gymnasium event.

Greene is suspected of fatally shooting an Urbandale officer and a Des Moines officers in separate attacks.

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