‘Eat Pork!’ Haredi officer Threatened By Extremists At Home

The head of haredi recruitment in Bnei Brak was threatened by extremists against the recruitment of haredim to the IDF.

A note was pinned to the door of Mendy Katz, threatening him if he did not cease recruitment efforts among the haredi community.

“To Mendy Katz, hunter of the neighborhood,” the letter read, “if you desire a peaceful life, cease your work and stop secularizing our community. You will pay for everything in heaven!”

The letter claims that Katz pretends to be religious to fool haedrim and says that eating pork would be preferable to Katz’s activities.

“We know all about you.” the letter continues. “Keep your sidelocks under your kippah. This letter is designed to bring you to repentance.”

Katz has been harassed by extremists in the past. This is the first time that he has been threatened, however.

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