EU Concerned About ISIS Fighters Flowing Into Europe

The Pentagon seems to be pleased with how the Iraqi government’s operation to free the city of Mosul from ISIS control is going, but even a successful blow to the global terrorist organization would have concerns of its own.

The Syrian military fears that ISIS fighters fleeing into the country from Mosul could significantly impact fighting in the country’s east.

In addition, the European Union (EU) is also worried of the operation possible results.

European Commissioner for the Security Union Julian King expressed concern that the retaking of Mosul could lead to many jihadists flowing into Europe.

King stated that over 2,500 people have left Europe to join ISIS on different fronts, and that even the return of just a small number of them would be a threat.

Indications are that Iraqi forces are advancing well, and are even ahead of schedule. Coalition forces have reportedly established posts near the city, and are preparing for another advance to come.

The operation to retake Mosul is the largest conducted in Iraq since the US withdrew its forces from the country in 2011.

The US Department of Defense emphasizes that no American soldiers are on ground, and that US forces are merely assisting in an advisory capacity.

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