Evidence Against Accused Child Molester Rabbi Steve Karro Released

MIAMI – While Rabbi Steve Karro prepares for trial, CBS4 has learned exactly what an 11-year-old girl says happened to her inside his Miami Beach art gallery in April.

According to the state’s evidence, the girl, referred to as “JM,” told investigators Karro took her to the back room and said, “You look so beautiful. Your hair is so pretty. You’ve gotten so big.”

The investigator wrote that the girl said Karro “made her sit on his lap, he got up, and then he gave her more hugs which escalated to kisses.

JM told me that the subject kissed her cheeks then he went down to her neck and it appeared that the subject was trying to go down to her lips but she turned her head away so he wouldn’t and his lips made union with her nose.

“JM then explained that the subject grabbed her butt when he hugged her with both of his hands.”

The girl says she told Karro she had to leave. She says he told her not to tell her mother, and gave her a Fendi bag full of candy.

Shortly after bonding out of jail in May, Karro maintained he only touched the girl to heal her.

“Very simple. Love, harmony, cleansing. Nothing else. There was nothing there inappropriate, nothing that I violated anybody’s rights,” Karro said.

The discovery documents also include text messages, apparently exchanged between the Rabbi and the victim’s mother.

They also show the lengths the rabbi took to communicate with her after the alleged incident.

Karro sent at least seven texts asking to meet with the mother.

In one text he wrote, “Shalom, please let me know how are your girls doing, if there is anything I can help, please you know me how much I care, I’ll be there for both of you in clean kosher hard (sic) and mined (sic) please call me good night and only good wishes Amen.”

Another read, “I miss your smile and laugh I have to make sure that you girls are doing well…”

During that timeframe, Karro was seen on video at the mother’s restaurant job, giving her an envelope.

She turned it into police who noted there was $500 in cash inside. The girl’s mother has previously spoken out about the entire ordeal.

“I was shocked, hurt, disgusted, betrayed,” she said, choosing to remain unidentified to protect the identity of her daughter.

Rabbi Karro’s ankle monitor will be re-activated starting tomorrow. It was deactivated for the high holy days. His trial is set for next month.

CBS4’s Natalia Zea tried to reach Karro and his attorney for comment on the court case discovery, but they did not return calls.

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