Ex-President Moshe Katzav Put on Prison Suicide Watch

There are serious concerns over former President Moshe Katzav’s emotional state following the rejection on Wednesday of his parole request.

According to Channel 10, the Israel Prison Service has placed Katzav on round the clock suicide watch to ensure he does not harm himself.

Katzav, who was convicted in late 2010 of two counts of rape, was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Having served roughly four and a half years of his sentence, Katzav appealed to the parole board to have his jail term cut by one third.

Had his request been approved, the former president would be set free by the end of April.

Katzav’s appeal was rejected, however, requiring him to serve out the rest of his sentence, keeping him behind bars until the end of 2018.

The parole board noted Katzav’s failure to admit his guilt even after the conviction, and his total lack of remorse.

The Israel Prison Service has noted Katzav’s troubled emotional state, and is reportedly weighing options for long-term treatment. In the meantime, however, the former president has been placed under 24-hour suicide watch to ensure his safety.

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