Fake NYPD Radio Call For ‘Officer Down’

A fake call about an “officer down” sent cops to a Brooklyn apartment building late Monday night.

The calls come just days after a mystery caller used NYPD radio transmissions to threaten a police captain in Manhattan.

“Officer down! Officer down!” a male voice yelled over a police radio at about 11 p.m., reading off an address on Sixth Ave. in Sunset Park, according to archived transmissions on Broadcastify.com.

“10-13, officer down!” the voice repeats, using the police code for officer in need of assistance.

When the dispatcher asks him to repeat the street, he yells again, “Sixth Ave., I’m hit!

Within moments, a sergeant with the 78th Precinct comes on the air, asking the dispatcher, “Just have these units respond, please, central? I believe there’s a radio out there that was probably stolen.”

“Dozens of cops and police cars responded. Turn out it was a false call,”.

An NYPD spokesman confirmed early Tuesday that no officers were injured in either the 72nd, 76th or 78th Precinct all of which are covered by that radio frequency.

Police responded to the scene, did a floor-by-floor patrol of the address, and found no officers hurt or in need of assistance, the spokesman said. Cops are treating the hoax as reckless endangerment, and are investigating it, the spokesman said.

On July 30 and Aug. 2, someone hijacked police transmissions in Manhattan to threaten and taunt a captain.

“South Captain, remember how you put me in jail? I am out now and I am going to put a bullet in your head,” the caller said on July 30.

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