Famed Talk Show Host Michael Savage Removed From Most Listened To Station In Country

Michael Savage, the host of the nationally syndicated “The Savage Nation,” says he has been “couped” off the air in his number one affiliate, WABC-Radio NY.

Savage went on the air on Monday – just hours before the highly anticipated Presidential Debate – and ranted against WABC for throwing him off the air.

Savage says he was given no advance warning and it came as a shocking surprise.

Listeners to Savage know that a good part of his callers are from the Tri-State Area where he is the number one listened to talk show on the station.

He was replaced by the “Curtis And Kuby Show”, whom Savage crushes in ratings.

Savage says if this continues tomorrow, he may leave radio.

Shortly after, while going on a big rant about what was done, all Savage affiliates around the country were surprised to suddenly hear an old show — with his live show removed around the country.

Savage recently was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Chicago in the category of Spoken Word On-Air Personality.

Notably, Savage’s message of borders, language and culture has been a fixture in the success of Donald Trump, who is the Republican Party’s nominee for President.

Savage is a staunch Trump supporter, voicing his support before anyone else. Trump has been on the Savage radio show dozens of times.

Many suspect that this was deliberately done just ahead of the debate.

The Savage Nation is a nationally syndicated talk show that is the second most listened-to radio talk show in the country with an audience of over 20 million listeners on 400 stations across the United States,

Savage is calling on his listeners to call WABC at 212-613-3800 or email the station to voice their outrage.

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