Father of Israeli Singer Eyal Golan Convicted For Pimping Underage Girls

The Tel Aviv District Court on Sunday convicted Danny Biton, father of superstar pop singer Eyal Golan, of a series of serious sex crimes, including procuring for prostitution and for prostitution with minors. Biton confessed to the crimes, in accordance with the plea bargain signed with the State Prosecutor’s Office, and will serve a two-year prison sentence and pay compensation totaling 50,000 shekels ($12,500) to each of the three plaintiffs.

Prosecutor Dalia Abramoff said all the injured parties had expressed their agreement to the plea bargain. At the prosecutor’s request, an order was issued forbidding Biton to leave the country. In the next proceeding on April 19, Abramoff and defense attorney Sasi Gez will try to convince the court to adopt the plea bargain.

According to the indictment, Biton “used his family connection to Eyal to promote his standing among Eyal’s female fans and among his acquaintances, tricking the young fans and treating them disdainfully and with a humiliating attitude, as though they were objects to satisfy and serve him, including his sexual desires and those of his acquaintances. Biton used to invite the girls to meetings, boasting beforehand to his friends about his intention to have them provide sexual services, and would describe to them what sex acts would be done to the girls.”

The indictment says Biton exploited the girls’ rough financial and social circumstances, which made them vulnerable. “The accused, who was aware of the girls’ admiration for Eyal and their complex personal, economic and family situation, bought their consent to provide sexual services for him and his acquaintances. In return he brought the girls to events in which Eyal participated, to his performances, to nightclubs, to Eyal’s home, and gave them rewards including small gifts such as cigarettes, jewelry, and cash,” according to the indictment.

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