FBI Expand Investigation Into De Blasio’s Campaign

The feds have reportedly expanded their probe into Mayor de Blasio’s shady fund-raising and are now looking into the campaign cash of Democrats who ran for the state Senate in 2014.

Federal agents served state grand-jury subpoenas earlier this week to obtain records related to fund-raising for Democrats involved in close races in that election, according to The New York Times.

Some pols were contacted by investigators working for the Manhattan District Attorney, the report said.

The subpoenas also sought all communications between those served and the mayor’s office.

They further sought documents regarding solicitations for and donors and donations to the mayor’s nonprofit Campaign for One New York, the Times said.

Federal authorities believe that the fund-raisers may have skirted campaign-finance limits by moving big donations from county committees into the candidates’ campaign coffers.

De Blasio made retaking the Senate chamber a priority in 2014 and helped fundraise for Democrats.

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