FBI To Right-Winger: If You Go To Israel, You Will Be Detained

An Israeli-born American man with the internet handle “Ashriko” has been warned by the FBI that if he travels to Israel he will be detained for posting photos of Israel’s Prime Minister and President wearing Nazi uniforms.

“They warned me that a warrant for my arrest would be waiting for me in Israel, “he told Maariv, “I won’t stop. In America we have freedom of speech.”

“Ashriko” lives in Denver and is a member of the Jewish Task Force, headed by Chaim Ben Pesach who has been banned from entering Israel.

“This week a man called me and introduced himself as an FBI agent.

He left his number and asked that I call him,” Ashriko told Maariv, “I wanted to verify that they weren’t pulling a prank on me.

I called the FBI office and they verified that they were indeed looking for me.

The agent returned my call and we met at my house. He warned me that there is a warrant for my arrest in Israel and he advised me not to go there.

He claimed that he wanted to prevent an American citizen from being detained abroad. “

Ashriko stated that he will not be visiting Israel in the future and that he will continue to publish his photos.

“My family can come visit me,” he told Maariv.

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