Five Hasidic Men Blow off Suits For Beating of GAY Black Man

Five Hasidic men being sued for their alleged roles in a gang attack on a gay black man in Brooklyn have ignored the federal lawsuit and been declared in default, according to court papers.

The Williamsburg Safety Patrol, a neighborhood volunteer Jewish watchdog group also known as Shomrim, also blew off the suit that was filed last June in Brooklyn Federal Court.

They are all on the financial hook for monetary damages to victim Taj Patterson who was left blind in one eye as a result of the attack.

“The fact that these vigilante groups can’t even be bothered to get insurance or show up in Federal Court reflects an astounding arrogance,” Patterson’s lawyer Andrew Stoll told The TOT News on Tuesday.

“But we’re not going to stop until every one of these individuals has sat for a deposition and answered for Mr. Patterson’s injuries,” Stoll added.

The suit also names the Shmira Security Patrol; Pinchas Braver, who pleaded guilty to unlawful imprisonment, a misdemeanor; and three NYPD officers who allegedly botched the initial investigation of the Dec. 1, 2013 attack. The city Law Department, Shmira and Braver have all filed answers to the suit denying the allegations.

Douglas Palmer, chief clerk for the Eastern District of New York, filed a default entry Monday against defendants Abraham Winkler, Aharon Hollender, Joseph Fried, Yoeli Itzkowitz and Mayer Herskovic.

Herskovic was convicted of felony gang assault in Brooklyn Supreme Court and is currently awaiting sentencing.

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