Florida Sheriff Urges Citizens To Arm Themselves In Case of Attack

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – In the wake of recent terror attacks in the United Kingdom, a Florida sheriff has posted a controversial message on Facebook, calling for citizens to start packing heat.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivy, who calls himself “most politically incorrect sheriff in the country,” posted a six-minute video to the sheriff’s office Facebook page, telling citizens to arm themselves.

“This is war, and you better be prepared to wage war to protect you, your family and those around if you’re attacked,” says Ivey to the backdrop of photographs showing the recent terrorist attacks in London, the Pulse massacre and other acts of terror.

“No matter who you are or what’s your position on guns, there’s no denying the fact that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun or a knife, is an armed and well-prepared citizen or law enforcement officer.”

He goes on to urge his viewers to carry their concealed weapons and claims Americans are at war.

At the end of his speech, he encourages viewers to take up a self-defense class while promoting his agency’s videos on “survival.”

The video garnered a mixed response on social media.

One commenter wrote, “I am happy I chose not only Florida but Brevard Co, as my permanent home. To know that our law enforcement respects us, law-abiding citizens, and that you put your faith not only in your deputies, but us as citizens, is so heartening.

Another chimed in, posting, “How is this helpful? The point of terrorism is to scare people and get a panicked response from them, to disrupt their everyday lives with anxiety. You are doing far more harm than good by trying to get everyone armed and on edge.”

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