Hackers Target JFS Website

JFS’ website was hacked on Wednesday by a group who described themselves as the “Tunisian Fallaga Team”.

Visitors to the site found a black screen with words across the top typed in red: “We are back once again knocking snicks and snitches doors cause your crimes is something we don’t forgive [sic].”

The hackers, who also named themselves Gabesi TN and Lation Saber, said they were protesting against “terrorism against Muslims” including “in Palestine by Zionist…Muslims killed every day by Zionist.”

The website is now back up and running normally.

A school spokesperson said: “We are grateful for the speedy response of our web support team in rectifying this and ensuring the site was back online within minutes.

Unfortunately attempts such as this are commonplace for many Jewish organisations who are forced to employ actions to mitigate against such nuisances.”

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