Hamas Claims Mossad Using Female Agent ‘Honeytrap’

Hamas claims to have caught on to a new tactic by Israel’s Mossad intelligence service using female agents to entrap young Arab men in Gaza to spy on Gazan terrorists on Israel’s behalf.

The Al-Majd website, which is associated with the Hamas terrorist organization’s security system, warned the public in Gaza against the alleged tactic.

According to the Hamas site, Mossad is deploying young women pretending to be citizens of Arab states so as to get in contact with residents of Gaza.

In one case, Hamas claimed that a young woman who presented herself as a Moroccan on Facebook contacted a young man in Gaza and ask for his help in dealing with her personal problems.

She allegedly shared a sensitive problem that was troubling her and sent him a link so that he could talk with her via the internet.

The young man clicked on the link, at which point the woman supposedly revealed herself to be an Israeli and offered him to work for Israel’s intelligence agency.

After he refused, she said that by clicking on the link she had sent he had allowed her to download personal files from his cell phone, and when that didn’t convince him to change his position, his Facebook page was erased.

Hamas’s security system warned the public in Gaza not to form contact with unknown people online, and to be alert in opening links sent through Facebook.

Israel’s intelligence gathering has in the past provided life-saving information, guiding the IDF to know where to strike terrorist infrastructures and where to avoid lethal booby-traps in the terror stronghold of Gaza.

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