Hasidic Rabbis Raise Miilions To Combat Secularism

Several hasidic leaders have been casing London this week, hoping to raise funds to combat a court case where divorced parents, who became secular, are seeking to transfer their children to secular public schools.

The leaders of the Vizhnitz, Rachmastrivka and Slonim hassidic sects arrived in London with the special intent of raising funds for legal fees, and during their stay visited several wealthy Jews who donated money for the cause.

By the end of their stay in London, the rabbis had managed to raise thousands of pounds, which is equivalent to millions of shekels.

The legal proceedings come a year after 52 formerly haredi individuals sued the Ministry of Education for four million shekels in damages, for not providing them with an adequate basic education, which, they claimed, made it difficult to integrate into the workforce.

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