IDF Soldier Arrested For Firing At Teen Girls After Being Refused A Kiss

A soldier was arrested early Saturday morning on suspicion of firing his army rifle at a group of teenage girls because one of them refused to kiss him.

On Friday night the soldier, who was on leave from his unit, met the girls at a neighborhood park in Be’er Sheva. He and one of the girls chatted, until he tried to kiss her and she refused.

The soldier left the park, but returned a few minutes later with his service rifle, an M16, and allegedly fired several shots toward the sidewalk.

Police called to the scene found several bullets, but the soldier had already left.

According to police officials, the girls refused at first to cooperate with the investigation, but eventually they told investigators what had happened.

The soldier was arrested by the Military Police. The Be’er Sheva police department helped to find him. Police said the suspect, who incriminated himself during questioning, will be charged this week.

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