Israel – Bedouin Man Gets 10 Months For Sexually Assaulting Haredi Girl

Two Bedouin men convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage girl in the haredi town of Beitar Illit were sentenced Monday morning in a Jerusalem district court, Behadrei Haredim reported.

In March 2016, Ibrahim Abu-Amara, 26, and Zahi Amarat spotted the girl, a 15-year old student from Beitar Illit learning in Beer Sheva, as they drove by a bus stop in the southern town.

The girl had left her dorm and was waiting for a bus home to Beitar Illit when the two men approached her and offered her a ride. The girl declined the offer.

Later, the two men returned and offered her money for a bus ticket. The three engaged in conversation for a while, and ultimately the girl agreed to ride with the Abu-Amara and Amarat.

After the two purchased the girl a beverage, they drove the victim to Beitar Illit, arriving late at night.

Abu-Amara parked the car in a parking lot, moved to the back seat, and proceeded to sexually assault the girl. Afterwards, Amarat moved to the backseat and assaulted her as well.

The girl then returned home and reported the incident to her family. The girl’s parents notified local police, and Abu-Amara and Amarat were arrested.

As part of a plea bargain arrangement, Abu-Amara was sentenced Monday to just 10 months in prison, minus time served. In addition Abu-Amara will be required to pay the victim 20,000 shekels ($5,470).

Amarat received a suspended sentence of three months, during which time he will be required to perform community service.

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