Israel Downs Drone Over Golan Heights

Rocket alert sirens were sounded Sunday afternoon in the Golan Heights, after two Patriot Missiles were launched from the Safed area towards an unidentified drone in Israeli airspace, the IDF confirmed.

It is unclear if there are further elements to the incident, and if the situation has returned to normal. It is also unconfirmed whether the missiles hit their target.

Ma’ariv has reported a heavy presence of IDF aircraft in airspace above the Golan Heights following the launches.

Residents in the north reported hearing multiple explosions, however there were reportedly no rockets launched towards Israeli territory, meaning the noise was likely related only to the Patriot Missiles.

There were no initial reports of injuries.

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  1. Joe Levin
    Joe Levin says:

    אזעקה נשמעה הערב (א’) ביישובי רמת הגולן לאחר שכלי טיס לא מאויש חדר לשטח ישראל.

    בעקבות הזיהוי שוגרו שני טילי פטריוט מהסוללה שמוצבת באזור הגליל.

    בשלב זה לא דווח על נפגעים או על נזק.

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