Israel Police: Arrests Made In Celebrity Targeting Bombing Campaign

Israel Police prevented the explosion of an explosive device under the car of soccer player Kobi Musa in Ramat Hasharon and arrested two suspects, who they also believe as belonging to a group of criminals who have planted bombs intended for other Israeli celebrities.

The explosive intended for Musa was found as part of an investigation into the would-be bombers.

Inter alia, they are suspecting of having planted explosives in the car of singer Margalit Tzan’ani and the home of businessman Meir Shamir.

A statement from the police announced that it had arrested a 31-year-old man from Rishon LeZion along with 61 year old from Ganei Tikva.

The two are to be brought before the Tel Aviv Magistrates’ Court for a remand hearing on Friday.

The investigation is ongoing, and further arrests are expected.

Tzan’ani told that she had heard nothing of the matter of an organized cell before being contacted by the news site on Friday.

The explosive device in Tzan’ani’s car detonated on January 10, not injuring anyone. The singer said at the time that her engine exploded, and she dismissed any implication that it was an attempt to harm her.

On December 20, a device exploded outside of Shamir’s house in north Tel Aviv. Nobody was hurt, and no property was damaged.

A fortnight later, a device exploded next to Shamir’s car, again failing to cause any damage or injuries.

The 65-year-old businessman is the controlling shareholder in the Mivtach Shamir holding company.

As of March 2015, it held 20 percent of the shares in the food giant Tnuva, when it was sold to the Chinese company Bright Food.

Kobi Musa, 34, has played for several Israeli soccer clubs and currently is in the National League’s Poel Ramat Hasharon.

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