Israeli Dies In Egypt’s Sinai After Being Electrocuted By Faulty Wire

An 18-year-old Israeli died Saturday in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, Israel’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Yoel Nitzani was vacationing in one of the Red Sea peninsula’s beach resorts when rains flooded the area and cut electricity.

He was electrocuted when he touched electric wiring while his feet were wet in an attempt to fix the power in his hut. He was taken to the hospital, but medical teams were unable to save him.

The ministry is currently helping the family to coordinate his body’s return to Israel.

Nitzani’s father, Rabbi Oded Nitzani, is the head of the Sde Zofim community of Jews who returned to the faith. His brother ,Avraham Nachman Nitzani, was killed two weeks before his 18th birthday in a terror attack near the settlement of Emmanuel in December 2001. Nitzani’s family resides in Ma’alot.

During the seven-day Sukkot festival that ended Monday and the preceding weekend, some 20,000 Israelis crossed the Menachem Begin border crossing at Taba on their way into Sinai.

Fighting is currently underway between the Egyptian authorities and the local Islamic State affiliate in the peninsula’s north.

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