Israeli Hiker Found Dead In River In Georgia

The body of an Israeli hiker missing in Georgia for several days was found early Friday morning after a lengthy search.

Yonatan Adler, 18, from Jerusalem, apparently fell off a bridge when crossing a river in the northern part of the country, near the Russian border.

Adler, who was hiking with three other Israelis, was apparently swept by the current and drowned.

Aviad Friedman, who headed a search and rescue team assembled by Adler’s family, was quoted by Hebrew-language news website 360 as saying that “Yonatan fell in a river in the Truso Valley. After receiving a message about this, I flew to Georgia with the Adlers.”

Friedman said dozens of Israelis answered a call to help search for Adler. “We found him through Israelis’ amazing assistance, and the help of the Georgian government and the foreign ministry. The family wishes to thank all the wonderful people who lent a hand for this,” he said.

Oded Ravivi, the head of the Efrat local council, tweeted a picture of the bridge from which Adler is believed to have fallen into the river.

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