Israeli Jets Attack Near Damascus, Syria Confirms; ‘Hezbollah Arms Targeted’

Syria confirmed Wednesday that Israeli jets attacked west of Damascus, with reports in Arab media saying an arms convoy intended for Hezbollah was the target.

The news came amid tensions along Israel’s northern border after clashes between the Israeli army and militants affiliated with the Islamic State group in recent days.

According to Syria’s state television, the jets fires two missiles during the sortie and no one was hurt or killed. The attack, it said, took place near the town of As’saboura.

Earlier reports said the attack targeted a convoy of vehicles belonging to the Syrian Army and aimed for Hezbollah early.

The Hezbollah-affiliated Al Maydeen channel said the attack was an attempt to lift the spirts of “terrorist organizations” in wake of the Syrian regime’s recent battlefield successes.

The London-based Rai al-Youm newspaper reported that Israel hit an arsenal belonging to the Syrian Army’s Fourth Battalion, as well as a convoy near the Damascus-Beirut Highway.

Both the arsenal and the convoy supplied weapons to Hezbollah, it added, and were attacked in two sorties.

The Lebanese Elnashra newspaper, meanwhile, reported that four large explosions occurred near Damascus at 1:20 A.M. It said that Israel attacked a Syrian Army weapons cache near the Damascus-Beirut Highway, causing great damage to the site.

On Sunday, a number of ISIS militants were killed after exchanging fire with Israeli soldiers in the Golan Heights, in the first direct clashes between Israel and the Islamic State group.

Several mortar shells exploded following a brief exchange with the Israeli infantry soldiers before an Israeli aircraft bombed a vehicle armed with a heavy machine gun.

Hours later a second round of Israeli airstrikes targeted a facility controlled by ISIS fighters in the Syrian Golan Heights, according to the IDF spokesperson’s unit.

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