Israeli Tourist Killed In Skydiving Accident Near Prague

An Israeli woman in her 30s was killed Wednesday in a skydiving accident near the Czech Republic’s capital city Prague.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry confirmed the report on Thursday, adding that the family of the tourist had been notified.

The Foreign Ministry is working with Israel’s Embassy in the Czech Republic and local authorities to have her body flown back to Israel.

The woman’s identity and the date of the funeral have not yet been released for publication.

It is the fourth such incidence of an Israeli tourist dying in an accident abroad in the past month.

Two weeks ago, an Israeli hiker was pronounced dead in Uganda. He had been flown for treatment in the state capital of Kampala, but succumbed to his wounds.

Earlier this month, a 53-year-old Israeli was killed after stumbling off a cliff during a 30 meter trek on Andorra’s highest mountain.

And one month ago, Ron Ashuh, 55, from Kfar Vitkin was killed while training for a parachuting competition in Macedonia.

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