Italian TV Journalist Diletta Leotta Speaks Out After Naked Photos of Her Were Leaked

THIS stunning sports journalist has blasted hackers who posted nude pictures of her online which they nicked from her iCloud.

Diletta Leotta, 25, a TV presenter and reporter for Sky Sports in Italy, claims that only a handful of the pictures and videos were authentic.

The beautiful blonde, who has more than a million followers on social media, insists the rest were fakes, adding: “Although many still do not believe it.”

She recalled the heart-stopping moment when she realised that her smartphone had been hacked and that pictures she considered private had entered the public domain.

Leotta said: “My phone would not stop ringing with calls, messages, WhatsApp.

“I didn’t cry at first. I found strength I didn’t even know I had. But after three days, yes, I succumbed.

“Those photos maybe I sent to someone, perhaps a couple of them. I hadn’t seen the pictures for years.

“I thought I had deleted them. I wouldn’t even describe them as sexy.

“I became aware that they were part of my private archive.

Someone must have intentionally hacked into my iCloud account.”

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