Jeremy Reichberg Hooker: The NYPD Cops I Serviced Should Be Fired

Two cops treated to mile-high sex on a free chartered plane ride as part of an alleged NYPD bribery racket should be fired, the hooker at the center of the scandal said.

“I know for a fact that they have hired people before,” Gabi Grecko, 27, said Saturday of the two cops she was paid to “entertain” while dressed as a stewardess on a 2013 pleasure trip to Las Vegas.

“They hired maybe five escorts the second night we were there,” she said of Deputy Inspector James Grant, who has been stripped of his gun and badge, and since-fired Detective Michael Milici, who isn’t charged in the scandal.

Both cops are married with kids.

“For those police to be up [in rank] so high and yet doing things that are illegal, and not only the things they did with me, but just the widespread things that I have heard, I mean, definitely they should lose their jobs,” Grecko said.

“If you want to be a police officer you are obviously vowing to a set of rules, so yeah.”

Grecko spoke to a reporter during an early afternoon stroll outside her West Village apartment for which she wore a midriff-baring hot-pink top and black jeggings.

She said escort days are long behind her, though she has no regrets.

“No shame at all,” she said.

Her social-media accounts have blown up since The Post revealed on Friday that she is “Prostitute-1” in a federal complaint.

The junket was set up as a bribe by businessmen Jeremy Reich­berg and Jona Rechnitz, according to court papers.

Grecko shrugged off any negative blowback Saturday.

“I have been getting all of these comments, calling me, like, ‘I’m a prostitute,’ and that, ‘I’m a ‘ho,’ ” she said. “I think all the critics should shut the f–k up.”

“Everyone has a past and everyone has done something they are not proud of,” she said.

Grecko is divorcing her wealthy Australian husband, businessman Geoffrey Edelsten, 73, and said Saturday she’s shopping for “someone more age-appropriate, probably someone, like, in their 40s.”

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