Jerusalem – ‘Suddenly, He Pulled Out A Knife’

One of the Border Policeman who eliminated a terrorist during a stabbing in Jerusalem Sunday spoke to the press in the hours after the event.

‘We were on routine patrol when suddenly he [the terrorist – ed.] pulled out a knife,” the policeman, who wished to remain anonymous, stated to Channel 2. “The terrorist attacked my partner and stabbed him in the neck. He shouted Allahu Akhbar.”

“Immediately, I took a step back, cocked my weapon, and shot him.”

Police added that the investigation is continuing and that responses like this – acting with vigilance and rapidity – are what is needed against terror.

“We prevented a much larger incident, if he would have been able to bypass the police and reach civilians,” a police representative noted.

On Sunday, the terrorist – named as 38 year-old Shechem (Nablus) resident Basim Salah – stabbed the officer in Jerusalem’s Old City, on Hagai Street, near Damascus Gate.

The site has been a flashpoint for terrorism in recent weeks and is very close to the exact site where Israelis Aharon Banita-Bennett and Rabbi Nehemia Lavi were murdered last month.

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