John Travolta’s Nephew Sam Travolta Jr Claims Church of Scientologists Planted Drugs on Him

The nephew of Pulp Fiction star John has spoken out about Scientology, having left the religion behind and claims to be ‘on the run’.

Speaking to The National Enquirer, Sam accused leaders at the Church of Scientology of “planting drugs” on him and “spreading rumours around town that I was psychotic, and even worse – a paedophile”.

He added: “It’s psychological warfare and after a while it gets to you.

“Things got so bad that I tried to jump off a bridge in Los Angeles in 2007, trying to kill myself.”

The screenwriter admitted he was grateful to receive a monthly allowance from his uncle John, and the A-list member of his family never pressured member of his family to join the religion.

Sam isn’t the first to have spoken out publicly against the Church of Scientology. Oscar winner Paul Haggis quit the Church after 34 years because he was ashamed of becoming part of an organisation he now considers a cult.

The Crash writer/director has become the most famous former Scientologists and one of the most vocal critics.

He opened up about his time with the Church on U.S. news show Rock Centre back in 2013, telling newsman Harry Smith he walked away from Scientology because he was embarrassed by his links to the Church.

Haggis said: “I was ashamed of my own stupidity, of how I could have been so purposely blind for so many years.”

He added: “You’ve got these folks inside this fortress who won’t look out and won’t look at any criticism and can’t bear the investigation and they think everybody is against them. How would you describe that? It’s a cult.”

Church of Scientology officials were well prepared for Haggis’ TV appearance on Rock Center and released a statement to news show Access Hollywood before the programme aired. It read: “It is common knowledge in Hollywood that Mr. Haggis is one of the most arrogant and self-important persons that people have ever met.

“Paul Haggis has had no first-hand knowledge about the Church of Scientology for more than 30 years and the only information he has is hearsay.”

The Daily Express Online has contacted a representative for the Church of Scientology.

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