Joseph Gutnick and Family Face Bankruptcy Grilling

Fallen mining magnate Joseph Gutnick, members of his family and business associates are to be grilled under oath over his $275 million bankruptcy as trustees try to unravel his complex financial affairs.

The Federal Court in Melbourne yesterday issued orders summoning eight people, including Mr Gutnick, his wife Stera and son Mordechai, to give evidence as part of a probe into his affairs to be conducted by his trustees Gess Rambaldi and Andrew Yeo of Pitcher Partners.

Registrar Timothy Luxton also ordered Mr Gutnick’s accountant, Peter Stegelman, and business associates Peter Lee, Gary Fitton and David Tyrwhitt to give evidence.

Lawyer Morris Landau, a partner at SBA Law is also to give evidence. Mr Rambaldi and Mr Yeo also asked the court to force Westpac to hand over documents relating to Mr Gutnick, but no such orders have been made.

When Mr Gutnick declared bankruptcy in July last year he told his trustees he had just over $2m in assets, including $16,000 in cash, and owed $275m.

The case returns to court on March 2.

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