London Nightclub Shuttered After Anti-Semitic Brawl

A swanky London nightclub had its license suspended Thursday after several fights culminated last Sunday in a brawl involving anti-Semitic slurs aimed at group of Jewish patrons.

Kensington and Chelsea Council’s Licensing Committee voted to temporarily revoke Boujis’ license in response to the violence, the International Business Times reported Friday.

Seven people, aged 18 to 21, were arrested in the brawl on October 25, which CCTV footage shows involved between 15 to 20 people.

During the fight, one man is heard shouting “f—ing Jews.” According to the Evening Standard, anti-Semitic remarks aimed at a group of Jewish patrons who had booked a table in the club provoked the brawl.

“Police were called at 1.45am following calls of a fight outside the venue,” a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said. “During the fracas, an 18-year-old man was thrown head first into a car, causing a sizable dent to the vehicle. The victim refused medical attention and only gave officers a brief statement before leaving the scene.”

The Licensing Committee has suspended Boujis’ license until November 9 and has also imposed restrictions on the club, including closing an hour earlier at 2 am and refusing entry to individuals under 21.

“The safety of the public is our priority,” said Eddie Armstrong, an inspector for Kensington and Chelsea. “Police licensing officers are pro-active in working with licensed premises to help reduce crime and disorder. Where necessary we will take enforcement action.

In this case, we considered the suspension of the premises license was appropriate and necessary.”

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  1. Joe Levin
    Joe Levin says:

    It was the latest in a long list of violent incidents connected to the club, which forced Kensington and Chelsea Council to suspend its licence until November 9.

    Bouji’s, which has hosted Kate Middleton and other celebrities, lost its license on Thursday, the worldwide Business Times reported.

    The brawl that led to the suspension of the licence took place on October 25 and involved between 15 and 20 people. It spilled out onto the street, with men and women attacking one another.

    One thug is heard shouting f*****g Jews at one point of the brawl.

    According to the Standard, an investigation by the nightclub suggested that the violence was sparked when antisemitic abuse was aimed at a group of Jewish people who had booked a table.

    During the chaos, an 18-year-old man was thrown head-first into a auto, denting the vehicle. Seven people, aged between 18 & 21, have been arrested (taken in to custody) when cops officers have been referred to as to the place just before 2am, the Metropolitan Police officers stated in a press release.

    When it reopens, the club must close at 2am and must not allow guests under the age of 21 into the premises.

    During the committee hearing, Kensington licensing officers pointed out there have been a number of serious incidents at the venue within the last 12 months, Scotland Yard said. Three men have been charged with bodily harm and affray.

    “The safety of the public is our priority”, said Eddie Armstrong, Kensington and Chelsea inspector. Where necessary we will take enforcement action. “Police licensing officers are pro-active in working with licensed premises to help reduce crime and disorder”.

    He added: “In this case, we considered that an application for a summary licence review and the subsequent suspension of the premises licence was appropriate and necessary”.

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