Low-Flying Military Plane In NYC Was Part of Trump Security Mission

The military transport plane which took long, slow circles around Manhattan at low altitude on Dec. 13 was on a Trump security recon mission, sources said Wednesday.

The low-flying C-130 cargo plane scared New Yorkers and even took city officials by surprise.

“The Secret Service was working on something involving Trump security,” a source said. “It was basically practice they were doing as a result of his election.”

In addition to the C-130, two HH-60 Pave Hawk search and rescue helicopters were also involved.

“The guy is the President of the United States,” a source said of the exercise. “If they didn’t do it that would be negligent.”

In addition to a survey, the mission was part of the contingency planning in the event that Trump had to be rapidly relocated, a second source said.

City officials were not informed of the airborne survey until after it had already started, sources said.

“There were all these 911 calls, and people were really freaking out,” a source said.

“Normally these things go through proper channels. This time for some reason it didn’t.”

The source said there has since been conversations between the city, the FAA and the Secret Service to make sure it doesn’t happen by surprise again.

A spokesman for the New York State Division of Military and Naval Affairs declined to comment.

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