Meet ‘Wobbles,’ The 500-Pound Alleged Boss of A Gun-Running Ring

He’ll be “Wobble”-ing his way to court!

Authorities busted a 10-member, Bronx-based gun-running operation allegedly headed by a 500-pound member of the Bloods street gang with the nickname “Wobbles.”

Many of the guns were transported in and out of the city on Metro-North trains, state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Police Commissioner William Bratton said in announcing the takedown of the gun-smuggling ring.

According to the 367-count felony indictment unsealed in Bronx Supreme Court on Wednesday, investigators seized 93 illegal guns as part of the probe.

The weapons were allegedly purchased on city streets as well as in Port Chester, Maine and Connecticut for resale, authorities said.

The firearms — ranging from .22-caliber guns to semi-automatic rifles — were resold in the city for several times their original price, authorities said.

Operation Redrum was named after super-size ringleader William “Redrum” Soler, also known as “Wobbles.”

The 10 gang members and associates were charged with felony conspiracy and criminal possession and criminal sale of firearms counts.

Soler was also charged with plotting to kill a rival gang member.

Another defendant, Erick Ransom, was also indicted for the murder conspiracy.

“These allegations lay out a disturbing, but all too familiar pattern of multi-state gun trafficking and violence, with New York state in the crosshairs,” Schneiderman said. “Working with the NYPD, we will remain vigilant in our efforts to stop the flow of illegal arms into New York, and prevent the deadly crimes that often result.”

Following the arrests, Bratton said, “Make no mistake, illegal guns sold in our communities will eventually destroy someone’s family.

The NYPD will continue to partner with the New York State Attorney General’s Office to target alleged gun runners and hold them responsible for their roles in the distribution of illegal firearms in our city. We are committed to saving lives.”

The joint probe, conducted by the AG’s organized crime task force and the NYPD’s firearms investigation unit, began last summer.

According to the indictment, an undercover detective, posing as a gun reseller, bought guns directly from Soler. Electronic surveillance then monitored the ring’s activities.

The undercover officer purchased 93 guns from the ring in 47 separate face-to-face transactions inside two Bronx apartments. Various other defendants participated in the sales, by providing guns for resale, transporting guns and negotiating prices.

Approximately 11 of the guns seized had the serial numbers filed off, making the weapons untraceable. Investigators are in the process of tracing the other weapons.


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