Miss Denmark Dethroned From Her Title Over ‘Links To A Criminal Investigation’

At the recently concluded Miss Universe pageant that took place in Philippines, Miss France won the title hands down.

But while the pageant showcased an array of beautiful women, Miss Denmark fell into trouble, resultant of which she has now been dethroned from the title of Miss Universe Denmark.

According to the Denmark organisation, Christina Mikkelsen is a part of a certain criminal investigation that revolves around the National Director who handles the pageant.

The news was broken to Ms. Mikkelsen a few hours before she was about to go live on the Danish Morning show.

According to reports, Christina Mikkelsen has accused the National Director John Paul Hamilton of sending her text messages demanding sexual favours off her.

The series of messages allegedly began with John asking Christina to shed 8 kilos of weight to asking her to send photos of herself in a bikini.

Reports also suggest that John and another employee at the company demanded topless photos to be sent to their private phones before they get to fixing her plane tickets to Philippines.

Post her ongoing investigation came to light, organizers decided to dethrone Miss Denmark off her title. Here’s a look at Christina’s journey all the way to Philippines…

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