Model Reveals Fashion World’s Secret Prostitution Ring

A model claims she was offered thousands of dollars to sleep with rich men and that these propositions aren’t uncommon for young women in her industry.

Jazz Egger, 20, who is based in London, believes that there is a dark and seedy undercurrent to the fashion world.

According to Egger, big time modeling agencies know what’s going on and some women can make up to $2 million for spending a night with a man.

The Austrian-born beauty, who has more than 35,000 Instagram followers, first caught the attention of seedy agents last summer.

After going to an exclusive London club, she was offered a modeling job where she’d be invited to party on a Greek yacht alongside millionaires.

Sensing that there was something weird about the offer, Egger decided to turn it down.

But the following week, she claims she was approached by another man who asked her to go for dinner with a “famous actor” at a fancy restaurant.

Egger shared screenshots of the propositions she has received via Whatsapp with the Daily Mail.

In one of the messages, an agent known only as George offered to pay her $2,600 for a “private meet” that would last one to two hours.

During this date with a “young handsome Iranian guy,” she would be required to engage in some “natural intimacy.”

The job offer didn’t go down well with Egger, who responded: “I’m a model not an escort!”

Egger, who has been modeling since she was 13, alleges that this agent then went on to justify prostitution in the fashion industry.

He apparently replied: “Everyone enjoys having sex especially with good-looking guys.

What is the shame.”

Egger claims that George then added: “That is how the fashion industry works.”

“Most models get to where they were through something like this.”

Worryingly, the young model says that propositions for sex are rife in the fashion industry.

The former “Germany’s Next Top Model” contestant also commented that her friends are often inundated with similar unsolicited offers.

Egger told the MailOnline: “I know some models that have done escort work and experienced unwanted sexual advances.”

“When I shared the article, many of my model colleagues messaged me, telling me about their experiences. It was sad to see that it’s such a common and usual thing.”

“There’s so much wrong with this industry and I am going to do whatever it takes in order to change it. It might take centuries, but you have to start somewhere.”

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