Monsey – FBI Returns To Ramapo Amid Fraud Investigations

MONSEY – The FBI returned to the Town of Ramapo Friday to serve more search warrants in connection with an ongoing fraud probe in the county.

The investigation centers around the federal E-Rate program meant to provide technical equipment and Internet access for yeshivas and other religious groups.

On Friday morning, FBI agents were seen going in and out of an apartment building on Suzanne Drive in Monsey.

Last week, agents swept into Rockland and Orange Counties, carrying out search warrants on dozens of yeshivas and businesses in connection with the probe.

It is believed that the FBI is trying to see if any laws were broken since the ultra-Orthodox communities in which the raids were conducted do not allow their members, especially yeshiva students and youngsters, to access the Internet or use computers.

However, records show that some of the schools have received large sums of money from the E-Rate program for just those types of high-tech access.

And while the FBI has confirmed that it’s back in Rockland, there is still no word on when any arrests might be made.

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