Monsey Mafia “Rabbonim” Bully Restaurant

Those of you who have lived in Monsey for the past 40 years, can vividly recall the vicious infighting amongst Rabbonim about the Monsey Eirav, when people actually cursed the great poisek and gaon R’ Moshe Feinstein z”l, who was asked to get involved halachically and had the ‘audacity’ to actually pasken. You will also recall how Monsey “Rabbonim” fought like rabid dogs, as to where to build the community mikvah …

B”H, the Eirav is now accepted by the entire Monsey community, in itself an accomplishment and a feat that no other community in the entire world could do. The beautiful Monsey Mikvah on Viola is an accomplishment that should bring pride to the community and should be a catalyst to the coming of Moshiach!

So as a community we went through a lot and managed to overcome with time, major hurdles….

Monsey is made up of many families who come from different backgrounds …. and anyone can move to Monsey and nobody says boo!

You can be a Satmar Chusid, a Bobover, a Belz, a Kloizenberger, a Misnaged, Yeshivish, Kipah Seruga, Neturei Karta, Zionists and even OTD …. everyone can find a place and a home in the community!

So as Monsey expands, so do the “Askanim” bullies, who basically want to control the people of Monsey and the kosher establishments, and want to disrupt the peace, the sholem, that we finally were able to accomplish …

But because of the diversity of the Monsey Community they are frustrated in their evil intent, because there isn’t a central Vaad that oversees the Hashgacha of all kosher establishments…. because there is no one in Monsey that would agree on any particular Hashgacha!

For example, The Nirbarter, who lives in Boro Park will not accept Rav Steinmatz from Monsey as a reliable hashgacha. He will not accept R’ Weissmandel either … The Tartikover Hashgacha who also doesn’t live in Monsey will not accept R’ Binyomin Gruber’s hashgacha etc etc …and all of them will not accept the most reliable hechsher of all …. the OU!

But they will accept the hashgacha of the Hisachdus Ha’Ganovim!

Each kosher establishment in Monsey hires their own Mashgiach and the consumer chooses whether that Hashgacha fits into their understanding of Kashrus …

A new Fleishik Restaurant in Monsey opened a few weeks ago and took as their Hashgacha a highly knowledgeable local Rav, a Rav who actually wrote the book on Kashrus , as their hashgacha!

So “what’s the problem?” you ask?

The “problem is that the restaurant also has a large TV screen that broadcasts baseball, basketball and football games!

So if you have a kid that gets bored of adult conversation he can snack on a hot dog and watch the Mets!

So “what’s the problem?” you ask?

Aren’t chassidim with long pius and talis katans watching the games in the Palisades Mall in restaurants that serve Chazir?

Aren’t the chassidim watching games with their bekeshas on friday nights in the Nyack Bars while mingling with goyim, telling their wives they “went to the tish?”

Wouldn’t this place at least have them eat kosher food and mingle with other Jews?

You …naive fool …….you !!!!!

So now sit down if your’e standing ……

Three Chassidishe Thugs walked into the restaurant, a restaurant opened by a 25 year old guy who worked three jobs to realize his dream…. and told him that they represent 14 Chassidish organizations who raised $25,000.00 in order to shut him down if he doesn’t remove the TV!

These same 14 “Chassidish Organizations” are currently protecting numerous pedophiles, rapists, and crooks. Their children are rapidly going off the derech ….and committing suicide at a rate unheard of.

Hey, if you don’t like the TV ….don’t go there ……..

By the way, the restaurant is totally out of the heart of Monsey ……it’s actually in Suffern!

These same “Chassidish Organizations” will endanger their own precious children by placing them in a school that doesn’t adhere to fire codes, will build buildings, one on top of the other, with no area for children to play …and will thumb their fat thumbs at the goyim who are trying to keep Monsey clean and safe!

They also fed their children treif for years in the notorious “Monsey chicken scandal” whose establishment had an hashgacha that was the most stringent ..

The restaurant caved in to these Chassidish “bully” cowards and removed the TV!

Now Monsey will be holy again but watch your kids because the “14 Chassidish Organizations” are protecting your child’s potential rapist, a rapist that doesn’t watch TV in a Kosher restaurant!

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