Montreal Jewish Community Centre Vandalized, Hate Crime

The Montreal police are turning over an investigation into vandalism at the Gutnick Mazal Jewish Center in Dollard-des-Ormeaux to their hate crimes unit.

“It’s the end” was scrawled in yellow paint across the front doors of the building Monday night along with other unintelligible writing on the facade.

Director Rabbi Yehoshua Yarmush said he believes it happened some time before midnight.

Police were called to the scene Tuesday morning.

‘The end of what?’

Rabbi Sholom Davidsohn, the centre’s youth director, said members are feeling “horrified and disgusted.”

“It’s big, and it’s the kind of words used. The words are right there, ‘It’s the end.’ The end of what?” he said.

“There’s always that fear of what more can they do, what more will they do. So far it’s just the outside of the building, and hopefully it won’t go further than that.”

Yarmush said while the centre’s been vandalized before, this is the first time the vandals have left a specific message.

He said the graffiti is a shame and it’s unfortunate, but he doesn’t believe it’s anything serious.

“Life goes on. We’re very comfortable in the community … and we’re sure everything is OK. We’re happy to be here,” he said.

The centre, which is on Mirabel Street, has been around since 1992.

Police say there are no cameras on the building, there were no witnesses and they have no suspects.

The graffiti is expected to be removed Tuesday afternoon.

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