NFL Junior Galette Strikes Woman With Belt During Beach Melee

The NFL is aware of a video posted in 2013 that appears to show New Orleans Saints linebacker Junior Galette striking multiple people with a belt, The Times-Picayune​ reports.

The video, posted on YouTube in March 2013, shows a large brawl on a beach (Miami’s South Beach, according to the video’s title).

In the beginning of the video, a man in a white shirt The Times-Picayune says is Galette is seen hitting another man with a belt. A woman then intervenes and the man in the white shirt strikes her at least twice with the belt. The man enters the frame again roughly a minute later and begins throwing punches.

The video was viewed more than 50,000 times in the two years since it was posted. Galette’s alleged involvement in the fight appears to have first been noticed by Louisiana newspaper The Advocate, which posted a story on its website earlier Saturday. The paper does not note how it came across the video.

Galette’s attorney denied that Galette was the man shown in the video in a statement to The Advocate.

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