NY Police Officer Sexually Assaulted Woman In Custody

A Suffolk County cop was arrested Thursday for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in an interrogation room.

Officer Christopher McCoy, 38, allegedly forced a woman to perform oral sex after cuffing her in a traffic stop on March, according to Acting Brooklyn US Attorney Bridget Rohde.

McCoy originally denied the allegations when quizzed by FBI agents, but subsequently admitted to it after they told him they were going to test his DNA against a semen stain on the woman’s shirt, Newsday reports.

The test subsequently showed McCoy was a likely contributor to the stain.

The woman filed a $5 million federal civil suit against McCoy in May detailing the alleged assault.

The suit claims McCoy pulled the woman over for outstanding warrants, then groped her breasts before arresting her and taking her to the 1st ​Precinct​ in West Babylon.

There, he pressed his “bulge” into her, asking “do you feel that?” then beckoned her to “kiss” his ​private parts — before moving her to another room, where he forced her to perform oral sex on him instructed told her to “clean up,” the filing alleges.

The suit also alleges that McCoy’s partner witnessed part of the assault and turned a blind eye, but he hasn’t been charged.

The woman went straight to the FBI after the alleged assault, and McCoy was subsequently suspended without pay in April

McCoy will be arraigned at the federal court in Central Islip later today.

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