NY Times Blames Victim In Hawara Lynch Attempt

After a Samaria resident was nearly lynched by an angry Arab mob last week and was forced to open fire to defend himself – killing one of his attackers and wounding another- the New York Times chose to portray the Israeli victim as a murderer.

The Israeli, a social worker and father of eight from the town of Itamar in Samaria, had been returning from grocery shopping in Shaar Binyamin when he found himself stuck in the middle of a violent Arab riot where Route 60 passes through the village of Hawara near Shechem.

The rioters surrounded his car and hurled rocks at him, forcing him to defend himself with his personal weapon.

However, a New York Times report on the incident instead suggested that the Israeli was a murderer for killing one of his attackers.

“Israeli fires on Palestinian protesters in the West Bank, killing one,” the title of the Times article reads, insinuating that the Israeli opened fire for no good reason.

“An Israeli settler whose car was caught up in a pro-Palestinian street demonstration in the West Bank on Thursday opened fire on the protesters, killing a 23-year-old Palestinian man and wounding a news photographer,” the article continues in its bottom-line description of the incident, failing to mention the fact that the “protesters” had surrounded the car of the “Israeli settler” with intent to murder him before he used his weapon.

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