NYC Mayor De Blasio Calls For Anti-Trump Protests To Continue

Pointing to his recent comments on abortion and controversial appointment of an alt-right favorite to the White House, Mayor de Blasio on Monday urged all Americans to continue protesting President-elect Donald Trump.

De Blasio, speaking after days of roiling protests against the country’s yet-to-be-sworn-in 45th president have sprung up in New York and other cities, said resistance is necessary, especially since Trump is likely to lose the popular vote — and therefore doesn’t have a mandate to rule.

“We have to recognize that all over this country, the more disruption that’s caused peacefully … the more it will change the trajectory of things,” said de Blasio in an interview with Hot 97 radio.

Last week, the mayor took a more muted tone in regards to Trump, saying that he hopes he’ll remember the “lessons” of inclusion he learned as a native New Yorker.

But since then, he’s ramped up his rhetoric, including vowing to protest any federal government plans to deport undocumented New Yorkers.

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