NYC Probation Officer Busted For Sexually Abusing Client

A young woman got a cruel form of punishment when her probation officer showed up at her Manhattan apartment – and dropped his pants.

Patrick Henneberry, 50, a veteran New York City probation officer from Staten Island, was charged Wednesday afternoon with first-degree sex abuse, a felony, after the woman reported him to his bosses.

The 28-year-old is on probation for a grand larceny conviction.

Henneberry allegedly started making sexual advances in November. He texted her nude photos of himself, sources said. Then earlier this month, he made a house call, stripped and ordered her to fondle him.

“She’s on probation, so she felt as if she was compelled to do it,” a source said.

She finally reported him to the probation department, and the city’s Department of Investigation and NYPD’s Special Victims Unit launched probes.

On Wednesday, after he showed up again to the alleged victim’s home, police arrested him. Sources say he made incriminating statements to investigators.

Sources said he’s been accused of touching several other women on probation as far back as the late 1990s, but none resulted in arrest.

Henneberry was charged with first-degree sex abuse, first-degree coercion and forcible touching.

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