NYPD: Central Park Bomb That Blew off Teen’s Foot Created Out Of Easy Products, Chemicals

The explosive that blew off a teenage tourist’s foot in Central Park was fashioned out of products and chemicals found in any hardware store, police sources said Thursday.

The homemade device detonated under Connor Golden, 18, on July 3 after he hopped off a large rock near E. 60th St. and Fifth Ave.

Investigators have “identified traces of substances that may have been used in creating the explosive mixture,” according to an NYPD statement.

“These substances, which are commonly and legally available for sale in certain hardware stores, can be used in combination with other products to develop a homemade explosive agent.”

A bloodied and dazed Golden was rushed to Bellevue Hospital where doctors amputated his left leg below the knee.

The bomb packed into a plastic bag  had no timers or wires.

Investigators found evidence that whoever put the explosive in the park had left it there after unsuccessfully trying to detonate it, a police official said last week.

Police officials have said they believe the bomb was the work of a hobbyist who did not intend to hurt anyone.

NBC 4 New York first reported that the device was created out of easily-accessible products and chemicals.

Golden, an Eagle Scout who is studying music engineering at the University of Miami, was expected to receive follow-up treatment at a facility near his home in Fairfax.

“This is a life-changing thing for this poor young man,” his grandfather Terry said last week.

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