NYPD: Doctor Met With Facebook Friend, Used Cocaine Before Death

The pretty Long Island doctor found dead in the doorway of a Chelsea apartment building came to Manhattan to meet up with a TV producer who is a Facebook “friend,” law enforcement sources told The Post on Monday.

Kiersten Rickenbach Cerveny, a 38-year-old dermatologist from Manhasset, was discovered unconscious at 223 W. 16th St. before she was taken to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead Sunday morning.

Cerveny, a married mother of three, had met up with the producer, Marc Henry Johnson, 51, who is also married, on the Lower East Side and they went to the Chelsea apartment together.

Cerveny used cocaine at some point before her death, according to law enforcement sources.

A building resident described the frantic scene of paramedics trying to revive Cerveny, with a mysterious man pacing nearby.

“She came out topless. Her face was white and her lips were blue. They were doing chest compressions,” the resident said. “The man standing next to her was pacing … he looked suspicious because he was was pacing indecisively.”

After paramedics took Cerveny away, the pacing man fled before police arrived.

“He left walking fast toward Seventh Avenue,” said the resident, who didn’t recognize the mystery man as a building resident. “When the cops questioned me, they showed me a bunch of pictures. One of them kinda looked like the guy. The rest were of her [Cerveny’s] husband.”

Johnson was questioned by the cops and released. They are still seeking a second man, taxi driver James Holder, who was also partying with them, sources said.

The building’s superintendent told The Post that cops showed him security footage of a man carrying an unconscious woman down stairs of the five-floor walkup.


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