NYPD On High-Alert After ISIS Magazine Calls For Terror Attacks

The NYPD is putting officers on high-alert after ISIS released the latest issue of its propaganda magazine calling on home-grown terrorists to attack the West and kill hostages.

“While there is no known specific or credible reporting regarding a threat to New York City at this time, members of services are advised to practice heightened situational awareness,” the department writes in a Finest Message sent Friday to all officers.

On Thursday, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria released the ninth issue of its magazine, Rumiyah.

The “Just Terror Tactics” section calls for supporters to take hostages during attacks and kill them rather than negotiate for ransom, the NYPD notes.

It also calls for targeting civilians with edged weapons, firearms, vehicle ramming and fire, in locations such as night clubs, movie theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, concert halls and university campuses.

“The hostage-taking article also frequently touches on the topic of police response, highlighting the potential ability for hostage takers to slow down police response during the operation to ensure maximum casualties,” the Finest Message adds.

“It also suggests choosing a time/day when police response may be encumbered by deployments to other major city events.”

The NYPD urges members to be vigilant and employ unspecified “proactive safety measures at all times both on patrol and off-duty.”

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