NYPD Police Fired 84 Shots At Suspect, But Missed 83 Times!

Everyone knows it’s not easy being a cop, but there are things about the nature of the job that wouldn’t be that difficult to do.

In this case, it’s shooting at a fleeing suspect.

It seems as though the NYPD will need to re-train their police officers to shoot better, given that it shouldn’t have to take 84 tries, and only have one bullet actually hit the guy.

Last Friday, NYPD officers got into a gun fight with a man suspected to be involved in an attempted murder in Buschwick, New York.

The whole ordeal happened around 1:15AM, as reported by the Huffington Post.

It all began earlier that day, when 52-year-old Leon Faison found out that 27-year-old Jerrol Harris was inside the vehicle, trying to steal some things and his SUV.

Harris then fled from the scene, after shooting Leon Faison in the arm. Luckily for Leon Faison, he was still able to alert the police on the streets about the incident.

Police then ran after Jerrol Harris who fired back using a .40-caliber Taurus Millennium pistol, as reported by The New York Times.

NYPD Deputy Commissioner Stephen Davis told the New York Daily News, “He fired at them, and they fired back. […] That’s when he was hit.”

Six police officers shot at Jerrol Harris a total of 84 times. The suspect was finally put down when one bullet hits his calf – which means the police officers missed 83 times, a pretty bad number.

“I couldn’t believe how long it was going on,” a resident in the area told ABC 7. “It just kept coming and kept coming and I was like, ‘Is this really happening?'”

Jerrol Harris has already had 12 prior arrests including four robberies, in addition to gun possession.

Harris is currently facing multiple counts of first-degree and second-degree attempted murder, along with some felony charges.

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